Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our other kids

A lot of the focus has shifted to the adorable little sister, but her two older brothers are still around and still as cute and crazy as ever.

Some recent Tennysonisms:

  • "Daddy, why don't you have very many friends?  I have tons, so I'll share some of mine with you."
  • "Daddy, did you lose a tooth?  There's a big space between your teeth where I think a tooth is missing."

Now that's just mean.  Anyway, Tenny has really adapted well to having another younger sibling.  Tait, on the other hand, realized right away that some of his allotted attention was being diverted to the new kid in town, and he's adopted a coping strategy commonly referred to as:  "The squeaky wheel gets the grease."  And boy does he squeak.  Cute kids, and doing remarkably well considering how much is happening/changing right now.

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Dad said...

Can't wait to see them in person again! Grandpa