Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Brewing Storm

Storm approaching Gunsight Bay in Lake Powell

This may seem off topic, since Suzy's on the brink of birthing our brand new bouncing baby girl.  But really it's the main topic for Ye Stewart Clan right now.  Why?  Well, because there is evidently a correlation between a significant drop in barometric pressure and the onset of labor, and we're about to have a significant drop in barometric pressure in our neighborhood:

So, we're (especially Suzy) hoping for progress by tomorrow night.  With that in mind, we took some time at dinner tonight to place our bets on the birth stats for our baby girl.  Here are our guesses:

Feel free to add your guesses in the comments.  The winner will receive the grand prize of a one-month supply of diapers to help you change our baby girl, plus free lifetime access to Ye Stewart Clan.

Hopefully we'll have wonderful news for our next post!


Hillary said...

For your sake, Suzy, I pray Tennyson's guesstimate is incorrect.

And I'll change diapers any time. As a childless aunt, I've acquired a talent for it the last decade. I can even successfully get a kid out of a blowout diaper without harming surrounding carpet or other valuables.

Tara Cutler said...

Love it! Keep me posted, I can't wait to hear her grand entrance story.

Heather said...

Best of luck with everything! We love you guys!

Tiana said...

Love Tenny and Tait's answers. Here's hoping that barometric thing helps Suzy. I was late with my last two, and I know how frustrating that can be.

Katie said...

Did you know I had a baby girl on January 21st once? Well, I did. And it was awesome. So, I am going to guess January 21st. And I guess that she will be a whoppin 10 lbs. Cause that's how Suz likes em. I hope I win a free subscription to Ye Stewart Clan cause the monthly fee is killing me. I am so excited for you SUZ!!! Go fight win!