Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Thank you Grandma Stewart for the Halloween Package. Here is some video I took of the event . . .

Monday, October 13, 2008

Movie Magic

I thought I would share some video to demonstrate some of Tennyson's recent cognitive developments.




Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm Tennyson Jay, and I Approve This Message

Admit it, you haven't heard anything that intelligent from any of the other candidates this election season. Tenny puts the "straight" in "straight talk."

As President, Tenny will secure victory in Iraq and Afghanistan, and bring our troops home by February. He'll give you free health care, free education and free lunch, all while lowering taxes for 96% of Americans. He'll heal the economy and the environment and your cold, ageist, sexist, and racist soul. He will secure international peace and protect us at home from the weather, moral decay, and tooth decay. You want change? Tennyson is such an agent of change that he comes up with a reason to change his diaper every couple hours. He's not a terrorist, or out of touch, and he really loves America. So vote Tenny for President on November 4.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

We love (to visit) NY

Jeremy had a conference in NYC this weekend, and Uncle Cleary provided a nearly free vacation for the whole family. We had a great time there, as always, and the city reminded us why we love Washington, D.C. (opportunity without the smell). Suzy got our camera fixed, so we were able to get a few shots (don't think this will delay me getting a new/better camera, though....I'm undeterred).

Tennyson loved the view from our hotel window, which looked down a couple hundred feet to "Ground Zero." There were dozens of tractors down there working around the clock, and Tennyson was the happiest kid in NYC. It was a little more somber for Suzy and I to look down at the gaping hole.

Suzy and Tenny enjoyed touring the city, shopping and playing in parks while I was in meetings. This is a lovely fountain in City Hall Park.

Tenny got his face painted and got his growl on while he was swinging at Union Square.

A visit to daddy's NY office after his meetings. The Cleary NY office has great views from any window. This is looking south toward the Statue of Liberty (a great view, though not captured very well in the picture). Story: right after taking this, Suz visited the ladies' room and Tenny and I hung out in the foyer. Tenny was running around, screaming at Roy Lichtenstein paintings and Ansel Adams photos (originals), and then suddenly started counting--for the first time ever! "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, six." Not sure where he learned that.

This is looking north from a conference room. The black building behind us was the hotel where we stayed (the Millennium Hilton).

I snapped this shot with my Blackberry while I was working one afternoon. I think that's Manhattan Bridge over the East River.

For some unknown reason, Tennyson decided to try doing splits in Battery Park. Not bad, considering he didn't stretch properly beforehand.

Battery Parkin'

The kid loves Creme Brule. Suz and I got this to share, but ended up watching Tennyson devour it.

Tennyson...shrieking like a pigeon...as he did every time he saw one...which, in NYC, is quite common.