Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm Tennyson Jay, and I Approve This Message


Admit it, you haven't heard anything that intelligent from any of the other candidates this election season. Tenny puts the "straight" in "straight talk."

As President, Tenny will secure victory in Iraq and Afghanistan, and bring our troops home by February. He'll give you free health care, free education and free lunch, all while lowering taxes for 96% of Americans. He'll heal the economy and the environment and your cold, ageist, sexist, and racist soul. He will secure international peace and protect us at home from the weather, moral decay, and tooth decay. You want change? Tennyson is such an agent of change that he comes up with a reason to change his diaper every couple hours. He's not a terrorist, or out of touch, and he really loves America. So vote Tenny for President on November 4.


Holly said...

Denver Says, "I can't believe how big he's grown. He's really cute and pretty funny too."

Stacy said...

He has my vote!!

Katie said...

that was so funny. he sure had a lot to say and was good at laughing at his own jokes. i gave it some thought and ... what the heck.. i WILL vote for him. miss yous guys. ps - china was awesome. i'll post something soon. thanks again for getting us there!

Alisa said...

Finally, a candidate I can get behind.