Friday, June 29, 2012

No. Next question.

(A seashell-inscribed question we discovered while hiking through the desert near Lake Powell.)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lake Powell - 2012 Edition

We just returned from our annual pilgrimage to Lake Powell, the magical land that supplies endless fun, plenty of relaxation, and rejuvenation for the soul.  No, really.  Here are some of the kodachrome memories from another great trip:

Captain J and his First Mate Tait guiding the Rebel across the sea.

This was baby Julie's maiden voyage to Lake Powell.  Her favorite activities included being pampered in the shade and floating in the cool water.

Tait is now a Lake Powell Pro.  Having said that, he refused to touch the water - at all.  His favorite activity was being buried in the sand and then sitting there for extended periods of time.  That was also his parents' favorite part of the trip.

Tennyson LOVES Lake Powell.  His favorite activities included swimming, jumping off the top of the houseboat, making sand castles, catching small-mouth bass, star-gazing with his dad while falling asleep on top of the houseboat, and being pulled around the lake on the big tube.

Jeremy is still feeling the effects of the below ride, in which he foolishly tried to out-last his much younger nephew (Ethan) on a ride that pushed the limits of mortality.  As those on the boat who observed this display learned, "To air is human, but to watch other humans err is divine."

Which leads directly to our last series, in which Jeremy bravely attempted to wake surf for the first time.

Lake Powell is always a blast, but the best part is that it always brings the family closer together.  Perhaps a little too close.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Spring Runoff

Fresh off of Sundial Peak.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Julie Day - 21 weeks (5 fast months)

(Grainy cell phone picture necessitated by travel.  But just look how yummy she is!)

A medium-sized, fresh-water shark

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I love working in downtown SLC!

It's so beautiful and happy, and the Assembly Hall is one of the crown jewels.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012

4MM - Yesterday was hike day (#3)

For our June hike, the Four More Miles Club hiked to Lake Blanche.  It was a delightful hike to share with a fantastic group, and the views were truly inspiring. 

   We can't believe we're so lucky to have this amazing hike 15 minutes from our driveway (and that we have a driveway).  And we were so happy to be able to share a great hike day with so many great people.  This month, our fellow hikers ranged in age from 2 to 59ish, but every hiker bounded up the trail, and most had enough energy at the top to push boulders around the glacial moraine.  (Well, Denver did, anyway.)

This entire area is so gorgeous.  Sundial Peak towers over Lake Blanche, and then there are a couple other lakes and canyons, and dozens of additional snow-capped peaks to explore.  I'm already planning my return visit so that I can explore that canyon heading up the left flank of Sundial Peak.

We're already planning our July hike, so if you would like to join us, just let us know and we'll make sure you're added to the e-mail list to receive the details.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Julie Day - 20 Weeks

We just can't decide if she looks more like her mom or dad.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Julie Day - 19 Weeks

Happy Second Birthday, Tait!

We haven't figured out if your spunk is making us old or keeping us young, but either way, we love you soooooo much!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Hiking the Zion Subway

Life can be stormy, but every once in a while the clouds part and you end up with a permit to hike the Subway in Zion National Park, one of the coolest hikes ever.  Our Memorial weekend adventure turned out to be even more epic than we expected...and a lot colder.  We're talking falling snow at the trailhead and freezing winds buffeting us at the end of each bitter cold slot canyon swim.  The unseasonably cold weather caught us a bit unprepared and to some extent turned my attention from photographing the beauty to getting out of the canyon and getting warm again.  But here are a few shots from the journey, mostly from the top section of the hike before we got wet and too cold to operate a camera.

Near the trailhead in the Kolob area.

Descending toward the canyon.

The Sandstone River

The entrance to the Subway slot canyon.

Braving the first water crossings.

Descending into the belly of the beast.  This is one of the three or four places where full submersion and swimming was unavoidable, and where our bravery quickly morphed into humility.

The Subway

The Canyon and hike are named after this short section of the slot canyon, where the walls curve up and create the appearance and feel of being in a subway.  Freezing or not, you pull out the camera here because it's so magnificent, and you never know if/when you'll be lucky enough to come back.  I tried to take some quality shots of this area, though the wind was blowing so hard that my tripod was shaking and the waterfalls were blowing upstream and spraying water all over my lenses.  Hopefully I'll be able to salvage some of the photos, but until then, here's a shot of the waterfalls starting to turn back upstream in a big gust, just moments before that water covered my lens.

Looking back into the Subway.

 It took a couple hours of hiking after leaving the wet/swimming portions of the hike, but eventually we warmed up enough to sit down, have a snack, and think about what a great adventure we were having.

Despite the weather on this particular day, this has to be one of the most unique and beautiful hikes of all time.  I can't wait to go back.  But next time, I'm shooting for August.