Monday, March 24, 2008

Elephants on Parade!

The circus has come to town! It arrived in grand style with a traditional parade of elephants, horses, ponies, trapeze artists, and clowns. Tennyson and I joined the throngs of parents, kids, nannies, protesters, and Capitol Hill Police and staffers that had gathered for the spectacle. I got Tennyson to Stanton Park just in time!

I continued to run and walk alongside them to Union Station where they turned and headed downtown towards the Verizon Center.

In front of Union Station served as the perfect Kodak moment with the Capitol, elephants, ring master, me and Tennyson all in one shot!

Although we attended this annual attraction mainly to see the elephants, Tennyson was actually more responsive to the horses and ponies so I think he liked them best!


We had a fun Easter Sunday yesterday. Suzanne's cousin Ryan Hurst and his wife McKenna joined us at our home for Easter dinner. The Easter bunny visited Tennyson and left lots of colorful eggs for him to find on our back porch. Tennyson had fun gathering the eggs. However, he enjoyed burying them in the dirt and throwing them on the ground the most. Ryan was kind enough to take an Easter family photo of us on our back porch. One year-olds just can't hold still! Thank you to Grandmas Stewart and Hurst for the fabulous packages! Easter would not have been the same without them! We love and miss you!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fun in the "son"

Sonshine on my shoulders...

A drop of golden son...

Thursday, March 13, 2008