Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lake Powell - 2012 Edition

We just returned from our annual pilgrimage to Lake Powell, the magical land that supplies endless fun, plenty of relaxation, and rejuvenation for the soul.  No, really.  Here are some of the kodachrome memories from another great trip:

Captain J and his First Mate Tait guiding the Rebel across the sea.

This was baby Julie's maiden voyage to Lake Powell.  Her favorite activities included being pampered in the shade and floating in the cool water.

Tait is now a Lake Powell Pro.  Having said that, he refused to touch the water - at all.  His favorite activity was being buried in the sand and then sitting there for extended periods of time.  That was also his parents' favorite part of the trip.

Tennyson LOVES Lake Powell.  His favorite activities included swimming, jumping off the top of the houseboat, making sand castles, catching small-mouth bass, star-gazing with his dad while falling asleep on top of the houseboat, and being pulled around the lake on the big tube.

Jeremy is still feeling the effects of the below ride, in which he foolishly tried to out-last his much younger nephew (Ethan) on a ride that pushed the limits of mortality.  As those on the boat who observed this display learned, "To air is human, but to watch other humans err is divine."

Which leads directly to our last series, in which Jeremy bravely attempted to wake surf for the first time.

Lake Powell is always a blast, but the best part is that it always brings the family closer together.  Perhaps a little too close.

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Hillary said...

You guys aren't allowed to take any more vacations. Sure, these photos might look like you had fun, but just think of the photos you could've taken had you stayed home with me. We would have gone to magical places like your kitchen table, the couch, and on a really adventurous day, perhaps the linen closet.

So glad you had fun, but I'm more glad you're home. Mostly because if your fish or lawn dies now, it will no longer be blood on my hands.