Monday, January 23, 2012

"Julie Through The Glass"

The 1981 Mormon ad that we fortuitously rediscovered today (by reading this).  Our Julie wasn't born in a hospital, but the cognitive journey portrayed in the commercial is precisely what we've experience with the birth of each of our children.  When you first hold your little miracle, it's impossible not to focus on all the life that awaits her.  This video certainly touched a nerve with Suzy tonight.  The song, btw, was written and performed by Carly Simon, one of Suzy's favorite musicians.


Ye Stewart Clan said...

I think what Jeremy means by "touched a nerve with Suzy" is that I unabashed bawled my eyes out at the dinner table for about 15 minutes straight.

Niki said...

So did I, my mom used to sing that to me using my name :) Congratulations! Girls are a true blessing...I love all 3 of mine :)