Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tennyson StewART

When he's not outside, Tennyson really enjoys drawing, and the boy can manufacture two to three masterpieces per minute (he believes in combining quality and quantity).  Here are some recent favorites, starting with...

Tennyson's Father's Day Card For Daddy

Tennyson included a lot of his favorite artistic elements -- stars, rainbow, heart, sea creatures, etc. -- into this one piece to convey more clearly the message that his dad is the best in the world.  To cap it off, he added the element that says "I Love You" better than anything else:  googly eyes.

Ye Stewart Clan Portrait

That's right, he even does portraiture.  And notice that he accurately portrayed Tait as standing upright -- Taiters is officially a walking human being, which makes Ye Stewart Clan four for four on walking.

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood (complete with row houses)

Tennyson's Self Portrait - First Day Of Preschool

Tennyson's Self-Portrait - Last Day Of Preschool

(Here's a bonus picture of T-Man on his last day of school with his outstanding pre-school teacher, Ms. Jennifer.)

And lest you think that Tenny's artistic abilities are limited to the paper medium, here's an interview with the artist himself after painting a different canvas:

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