Friday, June 3, 2011

Boys in the Zoo

Tenny's class had a field trip at the zoo that coincided perfectly with Tait's birthday, so Suzy decided to make a party out of it.  Tenny got to see a "ferocious Komodo Dragon," Taiters scored a few helium balloons (his favorite toy), and Suzy captured this great shot (with her iPod) of the boys enjoying the beautiful morning.  Other than Jeremy being stuck in St. Louis and not being able to attend, it was the perfect morning.  (And yes, in our family we cheer for the underdogs.)

Also, a funny Tenny story:  when the boys woke up yesterday, Suzy told Tenny, "It's Tait's birthday.  He's turning one today."  Tennyson replied, "Wow.  That didn't take long."  No, it didn't.  About a year.


Holly said...

Happy Birthday to Tait! He is so cute - I can't wait to see him again. I can't believe he is just getting his first tooth. Juniper has a whole mouthful. I hope they don't get into any biting matches this summer, or your poor little guy might be in trouble :) Happy Birthday again from all of us!!

Grandpa Jay said...

We are certainly blessed with cute grandkids!