Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tennyson the Flirt

As many of you know, Tennyson has a girlfriend.  Her name is Alexa, and they've been inseparable pretty much since birth.  In fact, we attended birth classes with Alexa's parents, the two were born two weeks apart, and they've been running around together ever since.  Alexa's talking about marriage and growing a garden and raising pet bunnies, but Tennyson is having commitment issues (typical male).  It's not that he doesn't love her (he does), it's just that he still thinks he's going to marry his mommy (typical male).

Anyway, we were recently going through the video files on our Flip camera and happened upon this video, which Tennyson shot during a play date with Alexa while mommy was upstairs taking care of Tait.

Instant classic.


Hillary said...

If a guy told me, "Hillary, you're lookin' pretty good!" I would be his for eternity.

Hillary said...

PS: I can't wait to see you, Suzy.