Friday, April 22, 2011

A Visit from Grandma Julie

Grandma Julie arrived on a stormy Sunday evening, but she brought lots of sunshine into our lives.  

The first day we drove to Annapolis to sight-see and we treasured the Chesapeake on a fun mini-cruise.

We basked in the sunlight.

We shopped and ate the beloved frozen yogurt.

The next day we shopped some more and visited some sights around DC.

Wednesday we ate with Rye-guy and Kenna and shared memories.

Friday we visited Ford's Theater.

Then we went on a mini-vacation to Cambridge, Maryland for Jeremy's firm retreat (or as the red personality lawyers called it, the "firm advance").

We had a great time and the resort was beautiful.  This is a view from our hotel room.

The kids loved having their Grandma Julie around.

Their extremely beautiful Grandma Julie, that is...

While on retreat Tennyson got to miniature golf for the first time.

I *love* Grandma Julie's new do.  I'm so relieved that I no longer need to worry about my gray hairs because, well, look at my mother!  I'm one of the lucky ones who will get to go "sophisticated silver"!

And then all too soon the fun was over and Grandma Julie had to take her flight back home.  We miss you Grandma Julie!


Megan said...

your mom is beautiful, Suzy, and she's been a good friend to my mom. My mother is also a beautiful gray. And I agree, it makes finding gray hairs much less painful.

Hillary said...

I love your mom. I always have and always will. She is more beautiful now than the last time I saw her a decade ago.

And you are a carbon copy of your mom :)

Anonymous said...

Mom glows. And I want dad to see her and her beauty and stength. Can he? I want to believe so... I hope he's not too busy.

Leavemeoutofit said...

A facebook user has stolen your Grandmothers photos. I just cross referenced them on google images. I thought you would like to know.

Leavemeoutofit said... heres my contact info on FB if you need more info. :)