Sunday, April 17, 2011

DC Sirens and Sensory Travel

Has anyone noticed the new sirens on emergency vehicles in DC?  They sound so European.  Every time we hear them (which is very frequently - we live near the "Beautiful H Street Corridor"), we instantly feel like we're in Europe and we get excited because that means we're going to eat good food soon.  But then we come back to reality, and then we take another bite of mac 'n cheese (homemade, though, so it's not too bad).

It reminds me of when I worked at Chevron and one of my responsibilities was to clean the car wash bays every day, which I didn't mind because the car soap smelled like the streets of Jerusalem and I could close my eyes and think of happier times.

Funny how a sensory recall can instantly transport you to another time and place.


Dad said...

The hair still shocks me some, but a great pic.

You gotta love the Eastern Market!

Anonymous said...

Where are the pics of mom's visit???
Eager in SD:)