Tuesday, April 19, 2011

U-Shaped Happiness

If this is true, oh snap.  For those further along the curve than us, any thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

I am 50... it is worse than 45. My husband is 60... it is worse than 50.

We owned our own business. were very successful. Then the banks quit loaning money in 2007. Small businesses had no money to operate on. We went thru our savings, our kids college funds, and our retirement. Then things begin to turn around in 2010.... right before his father was diagnosed with alzheimers and my mother had a stroke.

Now we are broke. We cant get a loan. Our business is bankrupt and we dont qualify for assistance since we've always been self supporting. My husband can't get anyone to hire him (he has an mba in finance) and no references since 1983 (our first year in business). And I worked for him when I wasn't raising our family. So no one trusts my references and I have several years unaccounted for. I do have computer skills, so I got a job for $14.00 per hour, but that really doesn't even cover medical insurance.

We split up, so he could get assistance with medicaid. My son hates me for leaving, but he doesn't understand that this will at least give him (who is special needs) and his father (who now suffers from anxiety and depression) medical insurance that I can't afford to provide.

I am too busy covering their utilities and food.

What are we supposed to do now?