Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Bike Ride

I rode my bike to a little concert this afternoon while Suz and Tenny were napping. Half the nation was there.

Obama, Biden, and a lot of famous people are somewhere over there. You can pick out the Secret Service on the roof. Forest Gump was running through the pond.

It's fun being around the festivities, but I personally think inaugurations should be held in April. Or Miami.

I worked my way through the crowd but could only get as close as the Washington Monument. Luckily they had dozens of screens so that we could see the action almost as well as those watching it on TV in their warm homes.

Security's tight inside the Green Zone. And uptight. I had my bike inspected on two separate occasions. Seems to me that bags would be more of a threat, but whatever.

Obama fever is in full throttle.

They're just putting the finishing touches on these parade-viewing stands (built since the election in front of the White House). President to the left, media to the right.

All the buildings along the parade route are decked out. This is the Willard Intercontinental Hotel. It's hard to say which there are more of in this city right now: people, flags, or Port-A-Johns.

And finally, some good news: the parking situation should start improving around 2 am on Wednesday the 21st. It will still be horrible, but that's normal.


Anonymous said...

did you go see josh groban for your mom? that was cool to see a local view of what's happening up in there. we met a tennyson look-a-like the other day. it made us think of you guys, miss you, and die a little inside that we never see you anymore. but don't forget us cause remember? we sealed the deal. the bff deal that is.

Katie said...

oh that was me. why did it sign as anonymous? katie