Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

We spent a wonderful, warm week in St. George for New Years. Love the sun. It was nice to get Suzy back to her red dirt.

View of St. George from Web Hill

View of Pine Valley Mountain from the Red Hill (behind Suzy's house)

Tennyson spent most of his time digging in the dirt.

The rest of the time he destroyed grandma Julie's house.

Our two resolutions in 2008 were to do less and eat whatever we want. We failed miserably on the first but rocked on the second. We've made two resolutions for 2009: (1) use our passports more, and (2) eat more Mexican food. We hope you all had a delightful holiday season.


Hillary said...

I've had that same mantra for years. The less effort I put forth, the happier I am. Also, I've made it a point to eat oreos and milk for breakfast whenever I feel like it.

I knew there was a reason we were friends :)

Emily McAllister said...

Happy New Year to your family, we loved the pictures of your snowy time in Ogden and are jealous that you had some sun time since it was 12 degrees this morning. Hope you have a wonderful New Year.

Nate and Kelly said...

Now that's what I call resolutions!