Saturday, January 10, 2009

Golf Tournament - 2009

Suzy's dad, J. Ross Hurst, sponsors a golf tournament in St. George every New Year's Day. He started the tradition 27 years ago with 11 four-player teams. This year's tournament, the 27th Annual, was held at Green Springs Golf Course and featured 34 five-player teams. These people know how to golf, and I did not belong anywhere near them. Nevertheless, my dad and I were invited to participate this year, and Ross waived my tournament fees in exchange for some photos of the action. Here are a few of the pics. Green Springs is a beautiful golf course, which makes for an enjoyable day even if you can't golf (I say this from experience).

Chariots ready.

Pops and Pops placing bets.

Warming up on the putting green. The morning started cold (high 30s), but the afternoon was gorgeous (high 50s).

Teeing off across the canyon at #5. Dad put this within 10 feet of the hole (but still didn't win a prize for the five closest shots). I didn't lose my ball in the canyon--that's a win in my book.

Turning in the scorecards. Our team finished seven under par--good enough to put us somewhere above last place. Ross and his boys finished 14 under (but still didn't place). The wining score: 17 under par.

Ross and his boys doling out the (countless) prizes. It was a fun, successful tournament, raising thousands of dollars for the Doctors Free Clinic.

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Anonymous said...

My dad loves this!!! I think I need to learn to golf in order to spend anytime with my dad. Suz should we try for next year? I think as a nurse I might have a chance of quality time with dad in the future.