Friday, June 28, 2013

Recently seen on Jer's Instagram feed

Taiters finds his happy place:  watching 1970s Bugs Bunny cartoons while wearing sunglasses and eating chocolate licorice.

Tenny writes his first nasty-gram to his mom:  "You hurt me.  Come here now or else you will dislocate."

Taiters tries to figure out what to do with this thing they call "summertime."

Grandma Stewart's hands:  working hard and doing good since 1918.

After mommy's lasik surgery (more on that later), Tenny finally gets permission to play with mommy's glasses.

The reaction I got when I told the boys to pose as "tough guys" during a Sunday stroll around Silver Lake.


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Katie said...

haha - my fave is the tough guys. it's so funny!