Monday, June 17, 2013

Mount Olympus

No, not that Mount Olympus.  The Utah version of Mount Olympus, previously seen here.

We live below this beautiful mountain, and it has been calling to me (Jeremy) since the day we moved to SLC.  On Saturday, the planets finally aligned and I got my chance to answer the call.  I woke up that morning sans family (they're partying in St. George) and decided to sieze the chance to climb the mountain without a child on my back.  A Father's Day gift to myself.
The hike/trail itself is actually quite unpleasant and not very interesting (i.e., straight, steep, lacking views), but once you reach the top it is all worth it.  I sat on top of that mountain for an hour, soaking in the sun, eating molasses cookies, and staring in disbelief at how gorgeous Utah is.

Seriously, how many places can you wake up, decide to go hiking, climb a major mountain, spend a peaceful hour taking in the spectacular views, and then be home in time for lunch?

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