Sunday, June 9, 2013

4MM - Yesterday was hike day (2.2)

For our June hike, the Four More Miles Club hiked Waterfall Canyon just east of Ogden. 

We've had a lot of fun hiking this trail over the years, and this trip is sure to add to those great memories.  In fact, this is the first hike that Jeremy ever did--at the age of five--and we'll have to post those pictures if we can find them.  In the meantime, here's Tenny--age six--enjoying a snack at the beautiful falls.

We're having such a fun time with the 4MM club this season.  It's so nice always to be looking forward to the next hike, and then meeting up with such great people and hitting the trails together.  We're already planning our July hike, so if you're interested in joining us and want to be on the e-mail distribution list to receive the details, just let us know.

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