Friday, February 1, 2013

No, We're Not Completely Neglecting Our Fixer-Upper (Part 1)

We moved to Utah one year ago today.  Crazy how fast that went.  We have loved living in Utah, especially being close to family, living in such a beautiful place, having a yard, and having a good job that gave us about 150% more time together as a family.  Of course there are things we miss about D.C., and at the top of the list for all of us would be our friends (neighbors, colleagues, fellow-parishioners).  Suzy and Tenny also really miss the beaches, and Jeremy misses his bike commute and the Lucerne-brand cottage cheese.  But for the most part we're super happy to be where we are now.

And, as you may remember, we started this journey by buying a 1940s rambler from the three surviving daughters of the sweet elderly couple that had lived in it from the time they built it to the time they died.  And that couple -- Lola and Philip -- took good care of the place, but it was definitely a fixer-upper.  We had been talking about owning and renovating an old home since before our wedding, and we were so excited finally to live the dream.  But priorities change, and now our home is nowhere near the top of our priorities list.  

Nevertheless, to prove that we're not completely ignoring our home, we start today, on the first anniversary of our move, a new blog series titled "No, we're not completely neglecting our fixer-upper."  For the first installment, we display the Nursery -- Julie's room.



Nothing fancy, but Julie seems to like it.  Our favorite part is the art.  The pictures are actually from a 2011 Crane & Co. calendar (from The Paper Source) that we had hung in our home in D.C., and then we cut out the images and applied them to wood backing.  Inexpensive, but we think it's fun for our little girl.

And the piece de resistance is the wooden owl sculpture we found at the St. George Art Festival last Spring.  Julie hasn't noticed it yet, but we still love it because every time Tait walks past it he says:  "Hoo Hoo!"


Katie said...

Wow. I love the long white curtains and the white furniture. It makes everything look clean and whimsical. And highlights the colorful pictures which are really fun and stylish. I will have to send this to Emily cause she's doing her nursery right now! Having her first baby in one month!! Love you guys.

Anne said...

I miss Lucerne dairy products too!

K said...

We miss you guys! And in accidental honor of you leaving us one year ago, we bought some Lucerne cottage cheese today. :)

Kristen B.

Hillary said...

I was disappointed the living room didn't have a treasure map underneath the wallpaper you removed. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's somewhere else in the house as your projects continue.

We Grua House said...

Yea for a house update, although I do enjoy your other posts as well. Avery's nursery is still "in progress" but it has been fun to work on so far. Julie's room looks very pretty and I am sure she will love the owl when she "finds"it. Oh, and I have never even heard of Lucerne cottage cheese, so I am feeling really out of the cottage cheese loop! Say hi to Suzanne for me!