Thursday, February 21, 2013

Escaping to St. George

Escaping winter is always a good reason to head to St. George.  But in this case, we had another reason to escape to the the city of red dirt and sunny skies:  Suzy begged me to get Tenny and Julie out of the house so that she could concentrate on potty training Taiters.  Deal!

We packed a lot of fun into a short amount of time.

We always climb the Red Hill at least once every time we visit St. George.  But this time Tenny had us climbing with a bag full of tools and a special mission:  to discover dinosaur bones.  We didn't find any dinosaurs, but we did find some rat bones in a mountain lion pellet.

Our fearless paleontologist.

We played in the Sand Dunes in Snow Canyon State Park.

For those of you who were hoping to visit the Sand Dunes in the future, we regret to inform you that they no longer exist.  Julie ate them.

We played with cousins in the old-fashioned Hurst tradition.

We hiked to Johnson's Arch.  This particular photo is an experiment I did along the trail by combining my iPhone panoramic feature and my new orange-tinted sunglasses that Tenny picked out for me.

Tenny has a little bit of his dad in him.  He can't stay on the trail and he has to try standing on top of every boulder, etc.

Where's Tenny?

It was fun to spend some 1-on-2 time with the kids, to give them a bit more individual attention.  Tenny has become such a fun little boy, and he's really funny, too.  In fact, Tenny earned the line of the trip.  I did have to take some of my work with me, and one evening I was working on my laptop while Tenny sat next to me watching a movie on the TV.  At one point he leaned over and looked at my laptop screen and asked, "Daddy, is that what your work looks like?"  I answered yes.  He contorted his face into the look he does after he eats something he doesn't like, and responded, "Yuck!"  Perceptive and articulate.

But in general we just tried to soak in as much of the fun and sun that St. George could offer.

The good news upon returning to the land of perpetual winter:  William Tait is potty trained!  (We'll refrain from posting the pictures of that adventure.)

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