Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nicaraguan Adventure - Part 4 (Granada)


The city of Granada, Nicaragua is approaching its 500th birthday.  That makes it one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the Americas, and, according to the Granadans, the oldest European city in the New World.  Granada has an amazing history (from colonists to pirates to American filibusters to revolutionaries), and the city center offers plenty of colonial/Moorish architecture, narrow streets and bustling markets.  All this has made Granada the most touristy town in Nicaragua, so it also offers lots of restaurants, museums, art, music, etc.  But, for us, the thing that really set Granada apart from the other old/neat cities we've visited is the color.  You can put up a lot of paint in 500 years, and the Granadans have taken full advantage.

Hotel Corridor

Cathedral of Granada

Mass in the Cathedral

Hotel Entrance

Private Hotel Courtyard

City Bus

Plaza de la Independencia

Hotel Courtyard

San Francisco Church/Convent

Granada Skyline

These pictures make Granada look calm and quite.  That's only because we did most of our city wandering when most people were asleep.  During normal waking hours, this city is chaotic and filled with people, movement and sound (kind of like our house on any given evening).

We had so much fun wandering the streets of Granada, and half of the adventure was never knowing what candy-coated color scheme awaited around the next corner.  You basically have to be happy when surrounded by this much color.

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