Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's Spring! Let's Go Fly A Kite!

We had four goals yesterday (Saturday):  (1) buy cookies; (2) eat those cookies; (3) buy a kite; and (4) fly that kite.  It was one of our most successful Saturdays ever, and, as Suzy said, "one of the best days of my life."  We're too embarrassed to admit exactly how many cookies we downed, but we're happy to report we brought in Spring 2011 with a full day of exemplary kite flying.

We thought it would take half the day to teach Tenny how to fly the kite, but the instant we got it into the air he grabbed the handle and kept that kite in the air the rest of the day.  Well, there were two exceptions.  First was the time some amateur little girl crossed his line with her sissy Cinderella kite and we had to bring in the kite to untangle the lines.  Momma-bear Suzy was outraged (see below).

OK, I made that last part up.  Suzy wasn't even a little bit upset.  But the rest of this story is true.  The second exception coincided with Tennyson's first run-in with the law.  He was minding his own business, flying his kite like a pro, when an officer of the law drove his car across the lawn at Gravelly Point to tell us that we couldn't fly our kite at that park because it's too close to the airport (DCA).  Who knew?  Well, none of the other half-dozen people who were also flying kites.  Consider yourselves warned.  Anyway, we moved to the notoriously windy Hains Point for the second half of the day.

Tennyson did a similarly stellar job of mastering the Hains Point wind, so we now know his early success was not a fluke.  He's just a natural.  This outing also changed the way we think about kites.  We had always thought of the kite as being tethered to the kite flier, but now we see the benefit of having the kite flier tethered to the kite -- that thing kept Tenny busy all day.

Even Tait was impressed with Tenny's skills.

We're so glad that we can play together outside again.  We LOVE the DC Spring!


ashley said...

suz is HOT!

Ye Stewart Clan said...

Ha! I look like I'm doing Tai Chi in that second photograph. But thank you Ashley!

Grandpa Jay said...

What a beautiful day in DC to go fly a kite. Looks like you had a great time.