Friday, March 4, 2011

Do these clothes make our kids look stupid?

Suzy here.  A man was admiring Tait in the grocery store today - he thought Tait was the cutest little girl ever.  I told him thanks, but Tait's a boy.  He said, "Those are girl clothes.  You better watch out or your kids are going to get beat up.  My foster parents dressed me like a dork and I always got beat up.  You need to go out there and start looking at kids their age and dress them just like that, or they're going to get beat up."


Hillary said...

Oliver's son likes to ride his sister's bike because "it's pretty." Granted, Oliver bought him his own "Cars" themed bike, but why ride that when Hannah's is pink and sparkly?

Tanya S. said...

I thought the pajamas Tait is wearing in that photo said "redrum" on them, and then thought you had bigger problems than girl clothes or dork clothes. Then I realized the pajamas say "bedtime". Okay, I'm now less concerned ;-)

[Don't get me wrong - I'd totally dress my kids in pajamas that say "redrum" on them. This, however, is probably why God has ensured I don't have kids ;-)]

As for the opinions of random strangers in the store, my approach is to smile and nod and then later mock them amongst my friends.

Grandpa said...

Tenny really looks like his dad in this picture!

One said...

So so funny! I kind of love this.