Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Orderville Canyon, ZNP

One week after Pops and I hiked the Narrows, we joined Jason (Suz's bro), Ethan (his son), and friends of the Faldmo type to hike The Subway.  This adventure started off with a bang when we found out, upon meeting at 5:00 am to head to the trailhead, that we had a permit to hike Orderville Canyon, not The Subway.  Orderville Canyon is a slot canyon that runs perpendicular to the Narrows for 9 miles, then joins up with the Narrows for the last 3 miles.  I had long hoped to do this hike, but wasn't psyched to return for more Narrows punishment just seven days after the last round.  In the end, we had a great time and the trip was definitely worth it.  Orderville Canyon was spectacular at every turn.  The sunlight (and sometimes the lack thereof) created so many colors and highlights and shadows that I was in photography heaven.  If you have to choose between the Narrows and Orderville, I would probably go for Orderville -- all the beauty in 75% of the distance.  As always, here are a few shots of the trail.

Narrow Trail

Painted Trail

Fun Trail

This was my favorite part of the trail -- you walk under a boulder the size of a house that's wedged between the cliffs, and then rappel down the waterfall into a pool of water.  There are quite a few little adventures like this in the canyon, but this one was the most memorable.

Well-Marked Trail

Orderville Canyon and the Narrows are not easy hikes, but at least you're not going to get lost.  You will get wet.  And inspired.


Holly said...

Your hike looks like it was amazing!! Will you take me there one day? Give the kids a kiss from me!

Pops said...

Truly amazing pics, Jer!