Saturday, October 23, 2010

Assateague Island Camping

We took a little camping trip over Labor Day weekend to Assateague Island, a barrier island in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Maryland.  It was super pretty and super fun.

Atlantic Sunrise

The early bird catches the best seashells.

Warming up in the morning sun after Tait's first night in a tent.

Assateague Island is teaming with wildlife.  This time we got to see dolphins, many types of crabs, cool birds, migrating Monarch butterflies, and those...

And nothing strengthens those family ties quite like burying each other in the sand.

We buried mommy.

We buried daddy (and stuck a little cocktail umbrella in his head).

We buried Tenny.

And we even buried Tait (partially).

Some of us struggled to get out of the sand more than others.

Sure, daddy could have helped out, but then who would have held the camera?

We had a wonderful time, and made some great memories.  Speaking of which, here's a memory from our last outing at Assateague:

(Mostly we just like hearing Dr. Hale say "sand fetchers.")


Hillary said...

Suz, little Tait is your spitting image. So precious.

Michelle said...

where'd you camp? I was there labor day weekend too! We were in the national park on I loop. We should be there next labor day weekend too. That would have been so fun to run into you there!

Ye Stewart Clan said...

Michelle -- that is so funny. We camped in loop C of the State Park, but spent the day at the main beach in the National Park. Maybe next year?

Katie said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAA! Oh man. Tears. That video of Sioux was awesome. I loved Tennyson's "Let's try this again" and "hold on tight mommy" and how congratulatory he was when she did it. I freaking love Suzanne Marie. And I feel like she is the best mom in the universe. Tenny seems aware of that though - so that's good. AND I love you don't say anything during her struggle. It makes it seem more like a real movie. heeee. Oh, and I'm so glad we made the blog. And especially in such a cool video saying things like sand fetchers and being super suave and cool. So, anyway, good memories. For some reason, we just loved that. It was totally spontaneous and a total blast. BTW are you coming to MEMPHIS for Thanksgiving? Like for reals? Will you?

jocie said...

you are such a cool family. and a quick sidenote - i love your haircut suz.

Heather said...

Love it! Especially the videos!