Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Subway - Zion National Park

I finally got my chance to hike "The Subway," a famous, beautiful canyon in the Kolob Canyon area of Zion National Park. If it sounds fun to you to hike, swim, climb and rappel for eight miles through heaven, I highly recommend this one. Thanks to the Faldmo family (my brother-in-law's family) for securing the permit and inviting me!

Starting the hike at the top of Kolob Canyon. My bro-in-law Dave is the tall one (married to Suzy's oldest sister, Robin). My niece Abby is in front of him, and my nephew Isaac is in the gray shirt. The rest are related to Dave somehow.

Heading down toward the canyon.

Isaac strikes a pose near the top of the Subway canyon.

Entering the canyon.

Once in the canyon, you spend a lot of time in the water. Some parts are deep enough to requiring swimming. The water is quite cold, which was really refreshing after hiking through the desert sun for a few miles.

Abby is tough as nails.

This is why they call it the Subway. On a separate note, I've always wanted a sponsor so that I could be paid to hike. I've finally convinced my father-in-law Ross to sponsor me, and he has promised to pay me $1,000 every time I sport his Ace Hardware shirt on a hike. The bill is on its way, Ross.

The Subway

The kids went crazy in the pools. I was a bit worried about how the youngins would handle this hike, but they ran down the canyon like gazelles.

Awesome (as in inspiring awe).

The kids liked sliding down the waterfalls.

And finally, a dinosaur track. We found several sets of these climbing up a big slab of rock on the side of the canyon.

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Ryan said...

That's a fantastic hike. One time I did it in March though, (really, really stupid thing to do) we didn't have wetsuits or drybags either. I knew we were in trouble when we passed snow drifts, but once you go in, you can't get out until you get to the end. I'm pretty sure we had the beginning stages of hypothermia. Good times.