Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Middle Teton

I finally went home last weekend to spend some quality time climbing in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Perfect weather, great company, and one of the most beautiful places on earth made for a terrific climb up the Middle Teton.

Trailhead: Lupine Meadows (elevation ~6,800)
Destination: Middle Teton (elevation 12,804)
Climbers: Me, dad, bro-in-law Thomas, & step-brother Robert
Start time: 5:35am
Summit time: 12:40pm
End time (finally, back in flip flops!): 7:00pm
Final thoughts: "Tetons, Tetons, Tetons, we love you! Amen."

Sunrise as viewed from the switchbacks up to Garnet Canyon.

Sunrise on the Middle Teton (straight up the canyon).

The beautiful Garnet Canyon (worth the hike, even if you don't continue to a peak).

Ascending to the saddle between the South and Middle Tetons

Ascending the south ridge of the Middle Teton.

Pops summiting

Thomas summiting

Robert summiting

The Grand Teton (elev: 13,770) as seen from the summit of the Middle Teton.

The Grand Teton hovering over North Cascade Canyon

Happy 55th birthday dad!

Another $1,000 just for standing in heaven.


Elephant's Head, one of my favorite flowers, growing in the Meadows of Garnet Canyon. Take a close look to see how fitting this flower's name is.


hook said...
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Jason, Holly, Denver and McCall said...

OK - so I don't check your blog for a couple of days and the next thing I know, you have 3 awesome posts. I can't believe that you guys finally came to Utah to do all of this amazing stuff and I'm not there to do it with you. I'm so excited for you guys. It looks like you're having a blast and you deserve it. I still can't believe you got mom to go to lake powell - and it even looks like she enjoyed it. Great job on the Middle Teton. Wish we could have been there with you!!

Jay & Pat said...

Great shots, son! If you don't make it make it as an attorney, you might have a future with National Geographic.

Thomas said...

Absolutely lovely. Thanks for helping me regret not coming with you. How was the bread?