Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cruisin' Mexico

Just returned from our "Bar Trip" to Mexico. Loved it. Thanks for babysitting Julie! A few pics of the fun:

Departing from San Diego

Our first night on the ship we treated ourselves to side-by-side full-body massages in the ship's spa. That was one of the best hours of our entire lives.

Sweet Suzy, gazing at the stars from the ship's top deck, in her pretty party dress.

El Arco and the peninsula jutting out from Cabo San Lucas

Typical Cabo: sail and sale.

Lovely find while snorkeling in Cabo.

We spent a whole day snorkeling, swimming, tanning, climbing and cliff diving in Cabo.

We also shopped a bit.

And sipped pina coladas.

In Ensenada, we found an awesome sidewalk stand where this compadre was preparing and selling the freshest, most tasty ceviche I've ever tasted--amazing.

We also spent an afternoon on horseback in the mountains surrounding the Ensenada Bay.

One happy, relaxed couple.

We had a wonderful week, and can't wait to get back to Mexico.


Jason, Holly, Denver and McCall said...

Your trip looks like it was a lot of fun!! I'm glad you guys got to have a relaxing week. Suzanne looks beautiful in her party dresses. Oh, by the way- Happy Birthday to Suzanne on Thursday!!

Katie said...

Wait, maybe I forgot that you guys were doing this. What incredible pictures you take! One thing about you guys is - you know how to work REALLY hard when life calls for it but you also know how to really ENJOY. Each other, nature, your families - just really soak up the beauties of life. well done. well done. I've been seeing all of your adventures from my livingroom couch and been just a wee bit jealous. But it's good for me. It makes me want to get up and go outside and make an adventure for myself. ps - can we go on a vacation with you someday?

patatomic said...

Suz you are lookin H-O-T HOT! For real Titanic moment there. I'm glad the ship didn't sink or that you didn't get some illness ect. BECCA