Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year - 2010 (Southern Edition)

We must be getting old, because we don't do very well in the cold any more. The day after Christmas, the blizzard remnants started wearing on us, and we decided to take road trip south. So we threw a bunch of stuff in the car and started driving. The plan: keep going south on I95 until we could comfortably drive with our windows down. That point was sunny Savannah, Georgia.

We LOVED the historic district of Savannah. The most unique feature of the city, which makes it such a beautiful place, is that the city is designed around twenty-something "squares," or as Tennyson called them, "parks!"


And then there are all the amazing churches that, as far as American churches go, are older than dirt.

Tennyson's favorite parts were the carriage ride through town, the playgrounds,...

...and the boats.

Suzy and I liked exploring and relaxing.

We spent the last couple days in Charleston, South Carolina, which also boasts a healthy supply of history, churches, and horse-drawn carriages.

And no visit to the South is complete without forking over half your savings to visit one of the historic plantations, like Magnolia Plantation.

As for resolutions: our two resolutions for 2009 were to use our passports more and to eat more Mexican food. Jeremy fulfilled the first, and our performance on the second was stellar. For 2010, we resolve to dance more.


Anonymous said...

Suz, you are the best mom to let your son bury you in the cold snow. You guys take amazing picures and I like your goals. Tennyson is sooooo cute and Suzanne is beautiful and Jeremy is fun. These are all of my thoughts after visiting your amazing site.
Love you all, Robin

Noorda Notebook said...

suz i LOVE you new years resolutions. i'm never set them before but if i ever do they will be just like yours. congrats on the pregnancy! i hope you're not sick! when are you due?

Jay & Pat said...

Well, you had a white Christmas and used a lot of wisdom in heading south to thaw out. Looks like a great trip. Dad