Thursday, June 12, 2008

Two new doos

Some of our faithful readers have astutely noted that Tennyson received his first "hair trim" a couple weeks ago. Suzy, in an attempt to convince me not to shave Tennyson's head, trimmed the curls around his ears. But, a man's gotta doo what a man's gotta doo. Tennyson was practically begging for a haircut, so I gave him his first "official haircut," and did my own at the same time so Tenny wouldn't be afraid of the clippers. I've already noticed four great benefits to the hair style we chose: 1) it's cheap; 2) it's low maintenance; 3) it's remarkably comfortable; and 4) it's environmentally friendly (no shampoo, which means no deleterious manufacturing, packaging or shipping impact on the environment). So, who wants to join us? Come on mom, you know you want to.

Ear enlargements

Feeling (and looking!) cool in the DC summer swelter


Holly said...

Jer. I can see the scars on your head now - oh how that brings back the memories. Jason and Denver got their summer cuts last week, but they weren't quite that short - maybe next time.

Jay & Pat said...

All I can say is you better get a little more sun to cut down on the glare. I can't believe you did that to little Tenny.

By the way, I'm going to get mine just like it tomorrow.

Erin and Thomas said...