Sunday, June 29, 2008

Scout camp

I recently returned from taking my guys to scout camp (Camp Safran, Broad Creek Scout Ranch, Maryland). The guys had a great time, and we didn't have to make any trips to the hospital, so I consider it to have been a huge success. Suzy has our camera in UT, but some of the other leaders are posting their pictures at our troop blog, here. Check them out at your leisure.

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Emily McAllister said...

I know this will sound cheesy, but I couldn't be more proud of you as I looked at your guys at Camp. I am sure you are an incredible Scout leader, you were one of the best nature staffers. It is hard to believe you have gone from the lst year staff member in 94' to a Scout leader, it doesn't seem like it was that long ago. I sound like a Mom don't I. Well you will always be one of my guys. Thanks for sharing.