Thursday, May 8, 2008

Springtime on the Hill

Springtime is a great time to be a little boy on Capitol Hill. Tennyson's work is to play, and he's been pulling overtime this week. Here is a smattering of the fun in the sun...

Playing frisbee at Garfield Park

Making a splash at the National Botanical Gardens

Romping around the National Museum of the American Indian

Chasing ducks on the National Mall (unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of all the tourists who stopped taking pictures of the Capitol and started following Tennyson and the ducks with shutters clicking)


Brooke said...


I am excited you have a blog. Clayton talks about you often - you went to Jerusalem with him right? Plus we have the Alta connection with Jeremy.

Your little guy is so cute - how come boys always get all the hair and lashes too - no fair!

Katie said...

tennyson is a pretty lucky kid. he's so east coasty and educated about our nations capitol. and he's still has the bonus of spending the summer climbing mountains in the west and enjoying red rock st. george. does he know how hip he is?