Saturday, May 17, 2008

Retirement 1.0 Stats

I got my last report card (ever!) today, and it got me thinking about my college career statistics. It has been very enlightening to mull over my college transcripts. My first thought was that it's about time to grow up. Suzanne's first articulated thought was: "why did you do that to yourself?" Good question. In any case, stats are fun, so here are a few. If they made trading cards for college careers (i.e., for nerds), mine would look something like this:

Duration - started January 1996, ended May 2008; 22 semesters & 2 quarters (yes, I'm that old); equivalent of 12 years of college.

Schools - 6 total: Weber State University, Brigham Young University (BA), Hebrew University of Jerusalem, The American University (MA), Louisiana State University, Georgetown University Law Center (JD).

Locations - Ogden, UT; Provo, UT; Washington, DC; Jerusalem, Israel; Lyon, France.

Credit Hours - 302 (for perspective, it takes 120 to get a Bachelor's Degree).

Classes - 111.

Grades -
A = 71
A- = 12
B+ = 15
B = 4
B- = 0
C+ = 1 (Obviously there's an anomaly here, so I must explain that this professor failed me on a term paper because I said that Shakespeare's writings echoed the anti-Semitic sentiments of his culture (which is true). He was so incompetent that he was fired the next semester. He now works for the CIA. I leave you to draw conclusions.)
C or lower = 0
Pass (as opposed to fail) = 8

Kind of fun to look back.

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Holly said...

I'm not at all surprised to read the stats about your wonderful grades since we do have such superior intellect in our family. Just kidding - I think you sucked out all of the smart genes when you were born and left the clutsy ones for me. We are so proud of you!! Congratulations on your very last (hopefully) graduation.