Thursday, May 1, 2008

Scoping out Broad Creek Scout Camp

On Sunday we ditched the city in search of sanity. Really, I had a pre-camp meeting at Broad Creek Scout Camp, where I will be taking my scouts this June. So, we made a family afternoon of it. The camp is much different than my old home: Camp Loll. Instead of rugged outdoor adventure, my guys are going to play in the pool, scuba dive, play beach volleyball and eat hot meals from a cafeteria. It looks like it will be a good experience for the guys, though.

Tennyson loved being outside and free to explore. There was one rock he didn't like being on very much (see pictures), but other than that he had a great time. He's a pretty good hiker, though he has a tendency to get distracted and dart off the trail in pursuit of birds, sticks, flowers, or pretty much anything else he wants to put in his mouth.

Tennyson was scared of this rock for some reason. He's started to do this thing where, when he's winding up for a good cry, he curls bottom lip and it really should be sad, but it's just sooo cute!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jer and Sue. We are so glad that you do a blog so that we can keep updated on your lives from 1/2 way around the world. Tennyson is getting so big and he is so cute!! We miss you guys and hope it's not too long before we're camping together again. Love, Holl and Jason

Anonymous said...

ye stewart clan - I don't know you from a bar of soap, but I am coming to DC next week (May 30)for a week with the kids and would love to get in touch with Montse & Dave - but have lost their number. Could you please please pass on to her that Miguelito is coming in from Flagstaff and get her to call me on (928) 699 0672. Thanks a bunch. Mike H