Monday, June 2, 2014

Retreating with the family in Phoenix


 This year, Jeremy's firm's annual retreat coincided with the end a long trial, which was proceeded by months of single parenting by Suzy while Jeremy prepared for the trial.  And this meant that the whole family was in need of a retreat, and a chance to spend time together.  And what better way to do that than drive to Phoenix and back in the family mini-van?

We took the long way to Phoenix, and the long way back, and we were rewarded with beautiful views, lots of adventures, dozens of potty breaks, and many, many DVDs to entertain the kids.
And, while it wasn't quite as relaxing as just having the two of us in a nice resort for a few days, we were so glad that we took the kids on this one.  They loved the food.

They lived in the pools.

And they even slept much better than they normally do because they were so exhausted from the long, adventure-filled days.

The only problem with these kinds of road trips is that you discover so many places you would love to explore, but just don't have the time to do it.  Like Marble Canyon, where we only had 5 minutes to explore but were treated with a show of California Condors scavanging around the cliffs of the headwaters of the Grand Canyon.

And we would have loved to have explored more in and around the Navajo and other reservations--located on stunning desert lands--but there just wasn't enough time this trip.
So, we added about 10 more destinations and activites to our ever-expanding bucket list, which is probably the mark of a good trip.  And it was a good trip, especially because we finally got some much needed family time.
Who ever said law firms don't bring families together?

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