Thursday, June 26, 2014

City of Rocks

We owe a huge THANKS! to the Dalpias family for planning and inviting us to tag along on a super fun climbing trip to City of Rocks over Memorial Day weekend.

I hadn't been climbing in City of Rocks since high school, and I had forgotten what a beautiful, unique place it is.
The kids loved running around the granite rocks with their friends and cousins.

It was sooo pretty!

As were my lovely ladies.

And we had a big group with lots of great friends and family.

Of course, the climbing was impeccable.  This is the view from the top of one fun climb, "Delay of Game," that many in our group climbed.

Suzy, conquering "Delay of Game."

 This was Tenny's first official climbing trip, and he was a natural.

And the below picture is probably my favorite of all, because it shows my youngest sister Heather half-way up "Delay of Game."  Look carefully--and click the picture to enlarge, if needed--and you'll see her almost dead center of the picture, making an impressive ascent up the spine of "Delay of Game."

Cute, but crazy.

Sunsent over our "Twin Sisters" campsite.

And this is a super fun climb that we set up near our campsite and spent the weekend trying to climb.  We named it "Mean Mama," and we all left a little pride, sweat and blood on this one.  In this picture, uncle Tom is showing off his mad skillz and remarkable upper-body strength.

Super fun trip, and one we all hope to do again!

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