Tuesday, April 30, 2013

No, We're Not Completely Ignoring Our Fixer-Upper (Part 2)

Call us selfish, but we decided to remodel our master bedroom right away.  Our theory was that we could spend a lifetime trying to make the rest of our house less embarrassing for when we have visitors, but then we would have no time to work on our private space.  So we started with our bedroom and now we can spend the rest of our lives on the rest of the house.



As you can tell, we like green and decided to go bold.  And we still need to hang pictures, which, as anyone who has visited any of our homes in the last 10 years can attest, has long been one of our domestic struggles.

The biggest project in this room was to take our tiny and highly inefficient closet (seriously, who uses shoe boxes?) and turn it into something functional.  First, we ripped out the old closet.

Then we doubled the size of the opening.

 And then we finished it up.  

It was a lot of dust-producing work, but it was sure worth it.  And looking at this picture reminds me that my husband dresses like a dork.

In the first ten years of our marriage, we had never had a real bed frame or even a headboard.  But at some point you have to grow up, and owning your first home is as good a time as any.  We looked far and wide for our bed, and finally ended up with a black walnut beauty from Lofgren's.  Unfortunately the matching bedside tables were $600-$800 each, and we just couldn't pull the trigger on that.  So Jeremy designed and built these matching black walnut end tables.

For those of you wondering about the one photo we do have on our wall, it's an original print from one of our favorite St. George photographers, Nathan Watkins, that Jeremy gave me for my 30th birthday.

We're super happy about our room.  It's everything we wanted:  cozy, colorful, happy, and a relaxing place to crash at the end of another crazy day.

I've done my fair share of making fun of Jeremy for working too much and leaning OCD, but I should really thank him for being the best husband of all time.


EmlovesJames said...

Love it! The green is totally you guys.

Brian, Emily, Charlie, and Lucy said...

This is AMAZING! I love it!

Brooke said...

Love it--it looks awesome. Obviously we are both nature lovers--we painted our bedroom green as well...and we love it! And I completely commiserate on the hanging pictures ordeal--we still have yet to hang anything in our house.

Tiana said...

That is fantastic! Well done! That before picture was a little scary. I don't blame you for wanting to fix up your room first. Great job with the closet!