Monday, April 8, 2013

Nicaraguan Adventure - Part 8 (Redonda Bay)

The idea was to use the Treehouse as our base and then to spend four days exploring southern Nicaragua.  We were going to hike, ride horses, visit local villages, take surf lessons, hire boats to see the coastline, visit national parks to look for nesting turtles, etc., etc.  Oh boy we were going to have so many adventures!

But then we walked down the trail to the beach below the Treehouse and saw Redonda Bay.   

Forget adventure and forget plans--we ended up spending all four days on that beach.  Perfect beach, perfect water, perfect weather, perfect snorkeling, and most of the time we were perfectly alone (we saw a grand total of about 6 people in four days).

We read in the shade, tanned in the sun, swam in the bay, and snorkeled around the rocks.  The cove pictured below was the second best snorkeling we've ever experienced (the Red Sea being the best).

We don't want to make it sound like we did nothing for four days.  One afternoon we found the motivation to hike up the hill to the nearby "wellness resort" to have 45-minute cocoa body scrubs followed by 60-minute full-body massages.

Paradise found.

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