Tuesday, February 7, 2012

SLC Grub

When making our decision to move from DC to SLC, one of the key factors in favor of DC was the food scene.  So many awesome restaurants of every type of food.  Well, we have already been pleasantly surprised by SLC's dining options - we seem to have it all here, just on a smaller scale.  We even live closer to a Five Guys now than when we lived in DC, even though it's a DC/NOVA original.  The one place SLC beats out DC hands-down:  Mexican food.  There are dozens of amazing options within blocks of our new home - there probably aren't even this many Mexican restaurants in heaven.  We began our quest to find the best Mexican food in town by eating at Salazar's Cafe (33rd South 9th East) on Saturday night.

The chef saw us take the above picture and asked us if we thought he should get a "little burro" to keep in the parking lot so the patrons could take pictures with it.  Not a bad idea, though this restaurant doesn't need much improvement.  Delicious, authentic Mexican food for the whole family for under $20 - that will be hard to beat, but we're going to keep looking.  (On that note, we tried the much more expensive/pretentious Blue Iguana a couple days later and it was exactly half as good.)

Tait likes the spicy

Tenny hogged all the chips

But he shared the soda

We think we're going to like eating (and living) in SLC.

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Hillary said...

You guys don't know, but with every visit I've made to your house this week I've been bringing my belongings. Soon, I'll just be living there. Don't worry. I cook, clean, shower at least once a day, and studied at the Milford Academy so I shall never be seen or heard.