Friday, February 3, 2012

The Big Move

Julie is two weeks old, and we celebrated (a little early) by moving to SLC.  She didn't even know it was happening...

We did.  By the time we got on the plane we were physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted from all the change/moving/saying goodbye.  It's a bit hard to see, but the below picture is of Suzy using a diaper (unused) as a cushion in a desperate attempt to get some much-needed postpartum rest.

But we made it and we're officially living in our new home (without any of our belongings, which hopefully will arrive soon).

We owe a giant thanks to all of the people who have done so much to help us with all of our major life events in the last few weeks -- all the people who watched our kids, made us food, borrowed us vehicles, cleaned our home, stocked our new cupboards/fridge, etc., etc.  And we want to especially thank Grandma Julie -- she sacrificed a ton (3 weeks of her life, many nights on an air mattress, child care, cooking, cleaning, moving, etc.) and we quite literally could not have survived the last month without her.

A few initial thoughts on our move:

  1. Tennyson on the first morning:  "It takes the sun a long time to wake up in Utah."  (Yes it does, when you wake up super early because you're still on DC time.)
  2. Tennyson when we lit our gas fireplace the first time:  "We have an eternal flame!"  (The result of many trips to Arlington Cemetery.)
  3. Suzy:  "I love my house!  My house!"


jocie said...

Heaven bless your sweet family, and sweet Suzanne napping on the plane. I'm glad you made it safe and sound to our lovely Deseret. However, DC will miss you terribly.

Lisa Maria said...

Hey! I just found your blog from the Taylors... I am so sad we didn't get to say goodbye! We've loved getting to know you guys. This Sunday felt so strange without you guys there. You are missed! Hope you are having a smooth transition! - Hunter and Lisa