Monday, November 21, 2011

Annual Assateague Camping Trip

Back in October, before the weather turned too cold, we went on our annual camping trip to Assateague Island.  Every night since our last Assateague trip (over a year ago), Tenny has prayed that he "can go camping on the beach with my shovel, bucket, and rake," and his prayer was finally answered.

This year we enjoyed digging in the sand, catching crabs, watching dolphins, and watching the sun rise and set (this sunrise was so spectacular that both of our boys held still at the same time for 3+ seconds - a small miracle).

It's such a nice place to relax and be together as a family.

And no trip to Assateague is complete without searching for and watching the wild ponies.  We got to see a whole herd of them grazing in the marshlands during our canoe ride around the island.

One fun thing that was new for us this year was watching these little birdies run in and out with the waves, staying a few inches from the water, and pecking their breakfast out of the sand.

After the breakfast/workout, the birds would gather for a group siesta, with some standing on two feet and others on one foot.  It was much more entertaining than it sounds.

As always, Tennyson increased the entertainment value for us and the birds:

Tenny's already praying that we can go back, so hopefully our upcoming lack of proximity won't keep us from this beautiful island too long.  

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