Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Family Picnic in Zion

Our recent trip to St. George wasn't all wedding (though that was certainly the highlight).  We broke away for a day of family fun in Zion National Park, including a picnic, short hikes, and laying around in the sun.

Emerald Falls

 Looking up from Upper Emerald Pools

Tenny's favorite part (as always) was playing in the dirt/mud.

Tait's favorite part (as always) was eating.

It would be hard to overstate how amazing this place is.  Actually, I was working in Columbus, OH, today and when the court reporter found out I was originally from Utah she went on and on about her trip to Zion and how amazing it is and how much she wants to go back, but I still felt like she didn't fully capture the majesty.  Maybe it's just not possible to do with words, no matter how long you go on.  Also, she asked me if there are other places in Utah that are as amazing as Zion.  I threw out a couple ideas, but I would be interested to see what others think.


ginger said...

Please tell me you visited Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream while in Columbus.

Erin and Thomas said...

Two areas come close: Bryce Canyon and getting into the backcountry of the Uintas. Still, it's hard to argue that they are as amazing. Maybe just close to amazing.