Friday, May 13, 2011

We were recently forced to get a Costco membership.

No really.  We had no choice.  But the experience taught us that there is one thing to love about Costco:  enormous shopping carts with tandem child seats that can facilitate hours of entertainment while you work your way back to the produce section.

Thank heavens for cell phone cameras to help capture the moment.  And also, we're really grateful to have boys who love each other so much.  Here's hoping that continues!


Hillary said...

My roommate and I got a Costco membership yesterday, however, we walked through the warehouse instead of riding tandem in the cart. Though I will remember that for the next visit. It's only right we take advantage of everything they have to offer and not just their neverending sample stations.

Anonymous said...

How were you forced? The boys are so darling and cute. Costco. . .ugh.