Friday, January 21, 2011

Velma Gratch & The Way Cool Butterfly

Remember Danny, our friend that makes us ask ourselves why we weren't given any talents, but who's too nice to hate for it?  Well, he's at it again.  He and his co-conspirator Michelle have written a new musical, "Velma Gratch," based on the children's book by the same name, and he tells me it's "for kids ages 3-8, though people bring babies and toddlers to the show as well."   Suzy and I gasp simultaneously:  "We can go to the theater again?"  So, count us in.  It will be showing every weekend at the Vital Theatre (76th & Broadway, NYC) from now through February 27.  All the info is here.  We're sooo excited!

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Katie said...

cool. i wish we could be there. maybe could just take a little jaunt up to nyc for joe's birthday. jeremy, did you know joey misses you. he always says it. you are one of his faves.