Saturday, January 22, 2011

May I Have a Word?

If you're not very familiar with the PBS Kids show "Word Girl," then we suggest watching this before watching this:

Couch potato or genius?


Katie said...

i vote genius. what a character. i saw april anderson in utah and she told me how much fun primary programs are with tennyson in them. she said he's everyone's favorite entertainment in church every week. i think he's got some serious brains and some true pazazz. i'm not suprised. at all.

Daisy Chick said...

That was awesome and very impressive I too vote genius...we also love Word Girl and Captain Huggy Pants and love pretending we are from the planet lexicon. Loved your post.

Michelle said...

hahahahaha, I LOVE IT!! I am so glad you recorded this!

Anonymous said...

MR T must come play at our house. We often play Word Girl as well. Ruby of course is Word Girl. Henry is Captain Huggy face. Good Times. Also He is REALLY cute.