Monday, September 20, 2010

Red Pine Lake

Red Pine Lake is a gem nestled in an impressive cirque that includes the towering Pfeifferhorn peak.  The crazy part is that the trailhead is just a short drive east of Salt Lake City up Little Cottonwood Canyon.  And after barely three miles of hiking (some of which is fairly steep), you're rewarded with spectacular alpine views, including the one above.  There are a lot of other trails to explore in the area, and I would love to go back (particularly with a pair of snowshoes in the winter).

My favorite part of this hike, though, was spending quality time with my friend and brother Thomas (aka "Scout"), and his perfect little son Jacob.  We may be getting older, and we may not hike quite as fast, but here's hoping there will always be "four more miles!"


Thomas said...

Lovely photos, I enjoyed almost every minute of that hike (I could have done without the steep part where I almost passed out). FYI, I have an update on next summer's trip. Let's chat sometime.

Ro Ro Riot said...

Wow. I lived in UT almost my whole life and never knew about that. Miss seeing you at church!

Jaybird said...

Great shots. I missed that hike. We'll have to do it sometime. Nice to see you and Thomas could get together.