Thursday, September 23, 2010


Kolner Dom

The "Dom" is a gargantuan Catholic cathedral that forms the centerpiece of Cologne.  It's almost as tall as the Washington Monument, and could fit a couple football fields inside.  The stone foundation is thicker than our house at its widest.  You can climb 533 spiraling steps to a lookout in one of the towers, which offers a beautiful view of the curvature of the earth.  It took 600 years to build, starting in the 1200s, and they've been renovating it ever since.  It is an amazing piece of architecture that dominates the Cologne cityscape.

You can even see it when you're looking in the opposite direction.

And it's a great place to listen to live music, watch art being created, and observe thousands of people scurrying about.  I would like to spend more time in Cologne someday.

Finally, for those who accuse me of always being on the wrong side of the camera, here you go: a picture of me in Germany.  Satisfied?


Holly said...

Beautiful, and amazing! I would love to spend time in Cologne with you someday!

emily said...

really great shots!

Dominic said...

Cologne Cathedral is an absolutely wonderful place. it's only a shame that they stop anyone going to close to the misericords in the chior!

Katie said...

i freaking love all those pictures. jer- you do nice work.