Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hunting and playing

Tennyson participated in the annual Easter Egg Hunt at the National Arboretum. Remember when Easter Eggs were filled with candy? Yeah, well not so much any more. Oh well - Mr. T likes balloons and bubbles, and seemed plenty happy to run around and contribute to the chaos.

Tennyson has abandoned his bedroom in favor of living in the back yard.  (We've now got a guest room, if anyone wants to visit.)  Whether digging up our flowers or practicing his shot, Tennyson defines perpetual motion from sunrise to sunset.


Hillary said...

Quote of the day:

Me: Suzy, you have a great life with a great husband and a perfect little boy.

Suzy: A perfect little boy who as we speak, is dumping out all the comet, "Tennyson, we do not play with the stuff under the sink."

That couldn't have been timed more perfectly if we had tried. Thanks for the talk yesterday. Sorry dance class started and I had to leave in a rush. Next time I will will make sure there are no time contraints when we visit.


Jordan said...

Tennyson is so big and absolutely adorable!

I am NOT blog stalking you...... Um, okay I lied. Miss you!


What a cute boy! Don't you love Spring time!

Heather said...

Tenny is cuter than cute!